EPISODE #38: Wolf Tracks

If you've been to a Joe Bonamassa concert recently, you've heard a haunting voice come through the PA and explain how to play a calypso beat - just before Joe and the band launch into "Who's Been Talkin.'" That voice belongs to blues legend Howlin' Wolf. Today Joe and Matt salute Howlin' Wolf and the unfiltered humanity he brought to the blues. And this summer Joe is taking his love of Howlin' Wolf to a new level: on August 31, Joe will play a tribute to Wolf and Muddy Waters at Red Rocks Ampitheatre, just outside Morrison, Colorado.

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About The Show

The Pickup is an entirely unique and highly entertaining show blending music history and carefully curated songs while bringing discussion and an encyclopedic knowledge of guitar facts and illuminating insights into the world of a musician.
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